The greatest thing about hair is the ability to change your look subtly or drastically at any time. Whether you’re entering a new phase of your life, needing a change or simply just bored of your existing do, changing your hair colour and style has never been so easy or fun.
Today we’re looking at three of the latest colour trends happening right now.
Crossing over to the dark side has never looked so good. Many models on the catwalk have been sporting midnight black and raven locks. This look is fierce and when it’s maintained properly with colour strengthening shampoo and conditioner, it can look sleek, shiny and sexy.
This colour can work on anybody. Tanned to dark skin toned clients will find that it compliments their complexion quite naturally while lighter complexioned clients will find the contrast striking and uber feminine.

We discuss the versatility of these two colour styles frequently because it’s simply two of our favourite looks. While both styles can be done with virtually any colours you desire, ombre has the ability to look both natural and intentional depending on your colour choices and also where your ombre starts in relation to the length of your locks.
Balayage is definitely more of the natural look between the two as it’s applied using a paintbrush technique leaving the desired balayage colour to naturally fall into place with the rest of your mane.

This look has been dominating lately and we can see why. The combination of both warm and cool tones blend together perfectly, creating a neutral and nude look. This colour choice can be rocked by any client with confidence. Pair this look with a nude dress and nude pumps and get ready to watch heads turn.

Get creative with your style and talk to your Evoke stylist or colourist today if you’re looking for a little or a lot of change. We’ll be seeing you soon!

The Evoke Team

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