The 90’s : A Revival

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not but I’m fairly certain 2017 is the new 90’s. Sure, I noticed little signs here and there last year but now its confirmed, they were even playing Clueless on TV last night!

Today we’re talking 90’s trends that have had a recent resurgence. Will they stick it out and re-claim their spot in hairstyle history or be banished to the bargain bin?

This hairstyle may be new, playful and sexy for the laid back, cool girl type of this generation but it’ll always be Gwen Stefani’s original cool girl style in her No Doubt hay day. Today you can find this look on Miley Cyrus, Hailey Baldwin and Khloe Kardashian.

Nowadays it’s completely acceptable and even touted as high fashion to sport pastel, neon and electrifying colours in your hair. This is thanks to 90’s ‘it’ girls Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love who unapologetically rocked neon hair and called it self expression. Now there’s an entire industry dedicated to making brightly coloured hair dye and extensions for clients to express their individuality.

Kate Moss and her army of 90’s models all wore the rock star, bed head look at one point or another. Today the still sleepy, tousled hair look is a favourite among young starlets on red carpets and cat walks alike.

The 90’s saw teeny tiny braids being incorporated into girls style, usually with a scrunchie or brightly coloured hair clips of sorts. Today, they’re everywhere. Braids are being rocked by models on the catwalk and in print. They’re in up do’s on the red carpet and large, chunky double corn row braids on the likes of socialites like Kim Kardashian in instagram photoshoots.

Let this be a lesson to all millennials; everything that was once old, becomes new again. Remember that when Grandma asks you to help sort through her closet.
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