It’s a gorgeous day in the city, November 1st and we have a temperature high of 19 degrees today! While Torontonians soak up the last bit of warmth before what’s sure to be a deep freeze winter season, we want to gently remind you of ways to care for your hair during the colder months. The better hair care you provide now will ensure you have hair worth flaunting come Spring.
Yes, we may sound like your Mother but it’s true! Wearing a hat during the colder months will ensure your locks stay protected from the elements like wind and freezing temps. If you’d like to go one step further, wrap your hair in a cotton or silk scarf before putting your hat on. This creates an extra barrier from the elements and cuts down the friction and static that may affect your hair with a hat.
TIP: If you have crazy static hair from hat season, carry a bounce sheet in your purse. Swipe the bounce sheet over your locks and you’ll see the static disappear.

Stay active this winter but once you start to sweat we recommend taking body showers and leave the hair washing to a minimum. We’re thinking two to three times a week. Your hair needs its natural oils to stay healthy and those oils are produced a little less in the winter months. Don’t forget to condition every time to keep the moisture locked in and your locks looking vibrant.

There is literally nothing that you cannot find on the internet. Visit a little site called Pinterest, you may have heard of it. Here you will find thousands of deep conditioning masks for your hair with a variety of ingredients to choose from.
May we suggest one of our favourites, avocado and egg yolks. Mash it, mix it, apply it and voila!, instant hydration for your overworked and tired mane.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts for tips and tricks all winter long on how to keep your hair looking fabulous this winter season. Enjoy this beautiful day Toronto! We’ll be seeing you soon.

The Evoke Team

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