Today we’re talking about one of our all-time favourite and go-to colour applications, the infamous ombre. The ombre colour application is inventive, versatile and can suit virtually any client. The great appeal of the ombre look is you can really combine any two colour combinations for a fresh and gorgeous look on long, curly or short hair.
Today Evoke is listing off our favourite ombre colour combinations for any time of the year.

This particular colour combination works well on any skin tone and hair type. There are varying shades of caramel so ask your stylist which one will work best for your natural hair colour in order to integrate the application seamlessly. Caramel is such a wonderful colour to use in ombre because of the many dimensions the hue can add to your over all look.


Fair skinned and light haired women love this look because who doesn’t love a whole lotta blonde? Depending on what your natural shade of blonde is you can decide to go platinum or dirty blonde with your ombre choice. A double blonde ombre application will ensure your upkeep is minimal and the style will keep heads turning all season long. Be sure to use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your blonde ombre vibrant and shiny.

It’s believed that natural redheads have some of the nicest and rarest hair in the world. Not many colourists’ will want to mess with nature when it comes to a red haired client changing their style but I must say, adding a copper or golden blonde ombre application can certainly enhance a red heads natural beauty. Consult with your stylist before moving ahead with the transition to make sure your chosen ombre colour will work well with your natural red.

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