Ole!.. For Olaplex!



Hair breakage solved…… For the most part this bold statement seems to be pretty accurate.  We at the Bloor street location have found that Olaplex really delivers on its promise to protect hair from damage as its lightened and rebuild its quality during the service. Olaplex is impressive, and so far our guests would say well worth the additional cost added to their highlighting, colouring, and regular service treatments. Hair shafts are made up of disulfide bonds , and the bleaching process will very seldom are able to keep them healthy and strong. Olaplex excels because its entire chemical make up is designed to do one thing and one thing only…. Repair and restore the integrity of the hair shafts disulfide bond chain. In laymen terms it follows behind the bleach and fixes all the damage and dryness to a point almost better than when you started!

So far, so good in our shop as we only started using the product a week ago and have already performed 4 treatments with it. We have received phone calls from guests who heard we are carrying it and are so excited to finally be able to see what all the fuss is about. Another thing I love about the product is just how confident the manufacturer is in its performance and capability. I say this because for a product this effective and revolutionary they could charge twice the amount, but Olaplex is actually very fairly priced. When added to a colour service the price ranges from 20-40 additional per application, and in a treatment on its own (which includes a blow out) it ranges from 100- 120. The results are unparalleled and obvious. We are truly having a great time with this product and hope you give us a shout soon to see what all the buzz is about. We are already offering Olaplex on Bloor and Yonge is soon to follow, don’t hesitate, its springtime and time to go lighter so do it the safe way.


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