Men’s Haircut – Bad to Best

It’s time, we are going to take this blog to the next level! We are pumped to announce that from here on in were are going video exclusive and turning our BLOG to a VLOG. The aim is to dazzle you with our video content, and to attempt to share with you what it is we do every day in salon. I love my job, and have spent years learning how to work with basically every hair type, texture and density out there. So, the aim in these vlog entries will be to share with you what 18 years and over 65 000 services have built.

At evoke we strive to create the best mens haircut experience we can, from the treats we offer, to a hot towel facial, and scalp massage, we’ve got the experience portion covered! Not to mention we feel (as do our guests :) that we offer an incredible final product. Thank you so much Greg @iamrainbird for not only for sharing with us your incredible modelling skills, but for the ideas you share with us. We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with you on taking your haircut from bad to best!

With that said,  please feel free to let us know what you think, as we welcome your feedback and wanna make this channel enjoyable and educational for all!


So help us out,  as we work hard #stylingthesix ;).

Thank You,


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