In life, often starting from an early school age people are always expected to work with others who they don’t exactly gel with. Whether it’s on a school project or a work presentation, working with difficult people is a daily part of life, except when it comes to your hair salon.
The relationship that you have with your hair stylist and colourist should be a wonderfully pleasant one. Clients should happily look forward to their salon visits instead of dreading them. Today we’re asking you to decide for yourself, am I happy with my stylist and colourist or am I simply used to them?


Stylists have extremely hectic schedules. They often work long hours and even holidays for their clients. It isn’t uncommon to wait a few days or even a week for an appointment depending on their workload. However, your stylist should try and accommodate you as a client the best they can. If you find yourself waiting weeks for an appointment perhaps you should try pre-scheduling future appointments to solidify your spot. If you’re stylist is constantly turning you away it may be time to find someone who appreciates your business.


Most clients know exactly what they’re looking for with a salon visit. Most salons suggest bringing in an example picture of the style you’d like to achieve, this is a starting point and doesn’t necessarily reflect the finished product. Salon appointments should begin with a consultation to make sure you’re both on the same page regarding the look you’re trying to achieve. Stylists should always be honest about the desired look and may suggest alterations in order to achieve the highest quality result.
Your stylist should never be negative or degrading about any look you’d like to see and if they are, it’s time to find a new stylist or salon. Also, don’t be afraid to try out different stylists within the same salon. Most clients do but stylists understand that this is their business and it’s nothing personal.

Making sure a client is satisfied is more than holding up a mirror at the end of the appointment. For instance, if you’ve gone off the grid and completely changed your look your stylist should provide tips and tricks on how to style your new frock to best suit your face shape and hectic schedule. This includes suggesting certain products or blow drying techniques that would make styling quick and easy.

The staff at Evoke salon prides themselves on their client’s satisfaction. In fact, our wonderful clients are the ones that keep our salon doors open. If you’re ever unhappy about a salon visit or experience please let one of our management staff know so that we may remedy the situation immediately. Salon visits should be fun and re-inventive, never stressful. Make an appointment with your favourite stylists or colourist today, or try someone new. We’re all here for the same end result, your happiness and your hair’s fabulous-ness.

We’ll be seeing you son,
The Evoke Team

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